What is Euro 4 compliance

The quality of air that we breathe is just as good as the emission standards that we follow. Since January 1, 2008, our government has been implementing Euro 2 emission standard. Euro 2 fuel types contain 500 parts per million (ppm) of toxic sulfur. These pollutants have been known to cause heart and lung diseases, and increase cancer risk and premature death.

However, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources is now pressing the implementation of the Euro 4 emission standards starting June 2016.

Why switch to Euro 4? Here are some of the reasons why Euro 4 compliant fuels make a better fuel:

Euro 4 emit less harmful substances in the air. It only contains 50 ppm of sulfur for both diesel and gasoline, compared to Euro 2 which contains 500 ppm. That means, usage of Euro 4 compliant fuels can help reduce the chances of getting heart and other respiratory diseases.

Euro 4 gasoline improves power by enhancing engine lubrication and helps restore maximum engine performance by reducing and cleaning internal engine deposits.

Euro 4 also help in minimizing the effects of ethanol which corrodes engine internals.